Steve Mosher a écrit :
> see inlined.
> Jeremy McNaughton wrote:
>> (...)
>> Organizing an Openmoko Foundation is something I'd really like to help
>> with.   Up till now I've not really had the skills to contribute any
>> sort of code.  The other activities open to me thus far (like bug
>> testing and documentation), well unfortunately haven't gotten me
>> involved in anything more than a casual basis (though I have learned
>> tonnes from my months of lurking).
>   I'll let Sean know personally. We've discussed it. Haralde also has
>   high regard for the idea.

good news :-)

Like jeremy I'm not enough skilled to contribute in code and I'm 
probably less skilled than him in management.
But I want to help as much as I can.

There's 2 solutions for a foundation :
1 - create a brand new Openmoko foundation
2 - join an a foundation that already exists an create a sub-group

The solution 2 is easier to start (and can be moved in solution 1 later).
We can ask to :
- Linux International (see this mail from maddog :
- Mozilla (they planned to build a mozilla phone :
- LiMo ? (
- other ?

My 2 cents


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