On Saturday 06 June 2009, Ben Wong wrote:
> > My biggest disappointment has been the fact that my Openmoko Freerunner
> > (which I've had since helping form the Austin buying group) is still
> > not _nearly_ as reliable as any cheap simple handset I can get for 10%
> > of the cost.
> Not to disagree, I'd like to share that in the short time I've been
> using my Freerunner as my only phone it has been much, MUCH, more
> reliable than my previous "smart" phone.

I was particularly amused to find a friend's Sony-Ericsson has the Buzz issue. 
Another bug is a tendency to switch network in the middle of a call when 
roaming, leaving both ends with a silent line. Then there was the long list of 
niggles and frustrations...at least we get to do something about (most of) our 

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