2010/1/8 Fabian Schölzel <fabian.schoel...@googlemail.com>

> 2010/1/8 Yorick Moko <yorickm...@gmail.com>:
> > and I almost always top-post, so what :)
> So i'm trying middle posting right now! ;)
> > I made a joke about his "In the name of..." heading, but I don't care
> what
> > people write
> > to me it's about the same as "yo nigga biatches, whats up?";
> > not really my kind of talk, but hey, if it rocks your boat..
> I didn't meant you with my comment, Yorick.
> I know, I was just trying to say that it doesn't bother me how he starts
his e-mails
as long as I don't have to read the whole koran before I can see his message
(in that case i would just skip that e-mail :-))
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