and I almost always top-post, so what :)

2010/1/8 Fabian Schölzel <>

> 2010/1/8 Jens Seidel <>:
> > That's also not a religious list.
> In the name of religious equality: Thats true. So religious
> collocations should not be a thing to comment. :) I think dehqan
> behaves quite fine on this list.

I made a joke about his "In the name of..." heading, but I don't care what
people write
to me it's about the same as "yo nigga biatches, whats up?";
not really my kind of talk, but hey, if it rocks your boat..

wrt his name:
I really thing his name is dehqan
apparently it's a name with afghan roots meaning farmer:

and I have never seen him write anything offensive or out of line...
he seems actually very polite to me...

dehquan: keep posting questions if you have them!
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