Alright. The latest commit has a ChangeCollection script. Use it like this: --from=none --to=1 --prefix=/path/to/image/pedia 
--dat-offset=${next free dat}

where ${next free dat} is the first unused number in the .dat namespace 
of the english wiki. This will take a long while (it has to decompress 
and recompress all articles!), but it is probably faster than 
re-rendering everything (on my laptop it takes about 40 seconds to patch 
1000 articles).
Next copy the pedia.idx, pedia.pfx, pedia.fnd, pedia.hsh, pedia?.dat of 
the english wiki to your image, renaming to pedia0.idx, pedia0.pfx, 
pedia0.fnd, pedia0.hsh (the pedia?.dat can keep their names). If you now 
boot my kernel, you should be able to change between both wikis, as 
described in my first post.

Please tell me if everything works as expected.

Thomas HOCEDEZ wrote:
> It would be awesome !
> I finished French Wiki last night, upload is in action. It will be 
> available before tonight  on some mirors.
> I'll post urls as soon as it is available.
> Thomas

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