Le 21/01/2010 19:07, Tom Bachmann a écrit :
> Alright. The latest commit has a ChangeCollection script. Use it like this:
> ChangeCollection.py --from=none --to=1 --prefix=/path/to/image/pedia
> --dat-offset=${next free dat}
> where ${next free dat} is the first unused number in the .dat namespace
> of the english wiki. This will take a long while (it has to decompress
> and recompress all articles!), but it is probably faster than
> re-rendering everything (on my laptop it takes about 40 seconds to patch
> 1000 articles).
> Next copy the pedia.idx, pedia.pfx, pedia.fnd, pedia.hsh, pedia?.dat of
> the english wiki to your image, renaming to pedia0.idx, pedia0.pfx,
> pedia0.fnd, pedia0.hsh (the pedia?.dat can keep their names). If you now
> boot my kernel, you should be able to change between both wikis, as
> described in my first post.
> Please tell me if everything works as expected.
I have other Wikis to test with, (french + bosnian + lituanian) but I 
still have two questions :
#1 : I can't find your "ChangeCollection.py" script : where did you hide 
it ?
#2 : How can you find the last id in .dat file ? for me it is not 
humanly readable...
#3 (extra bonus question)  : Don't you think it would be possible to 
automatize those steps ?
The last steps are very easy to do. ;-), I think I'll manage to do it.

Thanks for your nice job.


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