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http://bit.ly/cGpPqw. spring2010-enpedia.zip 4.41GB

 From http://thewikireader.com/files/enpedia/spring-2010/NEWS.TXT
Spring 2010 WikiReader Content Update

This update is recommended for all WikiReader users and includes general 
system fixes that enhance the stability, rendering quality, and 
usability of your WikiReader.

What's Included?

- Jan. 16th, 2010 snapshot of the entire English Wikipedia
- Added keypad animations for better typing
- Improved keypad type recognition and usability
- Fixed various parsing errors within articles
- Fixed various template generating issues within articles
- Rendered math formulas to bitmap images
- Added kinetic scrolling for better reading
- Added back feature for quick navigation

For more detailed information, including source codes, please visit our 
git repository: http://github.com/wikireader.

Updating Your WikiReader

Replace the contents of your WikiReader's SD card with everything in 
this folder.

More detailed instructions are available at:


Still Need Help?

Contact us through email at supp...@thewikireader.com, or message us on 
twitter.com (@wikireader) and we'll get back to you right away.


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