Le 24/05/2011 13:14, Radek Polak a écrit :
> On Tuesday 24 May 2011 12:18:05 Xavier Cremaschi wrote:
>> Hi folks,
>> is there any way to force usb charging in QtMoko ?
>> As there is no support for usb networking with Windows 7 (it seems to be
>> disabled in QtMoko kernel), my Freerunner only gets 100ma while being
>> plugged on my workplace computer through USB.
> I think RNDIS should be enabled, but i havent tried it for very long time and 
> IIRC it worked only with winxp.
I know it was possible with SHR (not with recent kernels) and Windows 7
at some time.

>> How can I force it to gets 500ma ? As QtMoko (v35) seems to consume a
>> bit more battery than my old SHR, I would like to be able to charge it
>> during the day (without bringing the charger).
> If you put the phone to sleep, it should draw like 14mA, so you can charge 
> with 86mA.
Ok, very slow charging ongoing. I hope it will be good for this evening ^^'

>> Any idea ? I've spotted a "Fast charge mod" in the upper left menu (the
>> one full of icons) but it seems to do nothing.
> It's one of the original scripts from Qt Extended/Qtopia. I think the sysfs 
> paths have changed since then.
> If you try om utility (from omhacks package) it could have parameter for 
> enabling fast charge. Then you can edit the "Fast charge mode" script so that 
> it uses "om" command (and send the result to me so that i can commit it as 
> patch ;-).
Thanks for the hint. As soon as I will be able to log through ssh I will
try to find a way to make it work (86ma is probably not enough to start

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