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> Wow,
> this is a really impressive list with new ideas
> I have not yet heard of!
> And the most interesting thing is that I think
> almost all can be done and don't have major
> technical hurdles to overcome. The main
> challenge is to make them user friendly
> and bug free.
> It appears that we more have a lack of active
> developers doing it. And are missing some
> coordination to get a complete solution.
> Maybe we should again think about a more
> formal organization of the Openmoko.org
> (software) project?
> Some Foundation or Association?

What benefit would a Foundation or Association bring?
I think they bring value in co-ordination when you have lots of people who
are finding it difficult to work together.  But I don't think that is the
problem that we have.  As you said: "lack of active developers".

What can we do to encourage those developers that we do have, and to entice
some on-lookers who aren't developers yet but might be in the future?

Maybe instead of asking "what would you like to see" (which certainly does
have a place) we should be asking something more down to earth, immediate,
and practical.

 - what are you working on?
 - what have you recently achieved?
 - what one thing would you like help with?

For myself:
 I'm mostly working on aligning the kernel we use with the upstream kernel.
 I recently submitted a collection of patches upstream and am hoping
 some will stick.

 I've recently discovered that my approach to power-management for wifi
 and bluetooth is less than perfect.  Among other things it doesn't actually
 set the voltage properly, so we are running on 2.8V rather than 3.1V.  I
 think I know how to fix it though.

 I recently tried 3.4-rc4 on my GTA04 and it was less than a brilliant
 success. No sound cards appear and the X server keeps crashing. I would love
 it if someone else had a look ....  You can find the code in the
 'gta04/mainline' branch of   g...@github.com:neilbrown/linux.git


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