My dreams for my first smartphone are to be able to :

      * have an "as free as possible" phone and use it as main phone
      * have a good calendar which manages multiple calendars (exactly
        like dates) and CalDav (which lakes of dates)
      * have my contacts (phone numbers and e-mails) also with CardDav
      * read my RSS storms with RSSLounge
      * have a good alarm that can have multiple recorded alarms (like
        the one of Android)
      * have wifi usable and be able to navigate on my favorite websites

More generally, I would to be able to have an access to all services of
my home server.

One note : I would to be able to use/install applications without to
have a GMail, Facebook or whatever account. I know it's easy to have
that with GTA02, but with development of Android (the one from Google)
and iOS, it isn't so trivial...

I would also to be proud to say to others : "That's just a free
smartphone with awsome applications, with Debian (or another
distribution) and without spying application inside".


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