On Tuesday 01 May 2012 09:54:52 Onen wrote:

> I for one, am waiting for news with respect to GTAA04. Will it be
> working, with good and reliable suspend, no buzz, just works as a
> reliable phone?

IMO GTA04 now has all of this. I am not using the phone very intensively - 
just few calls/SMS per day, but so far this works with QtMoko good.

> No bevel around the screen.

Bevel is not bad - it protects the screen. The problem with freerunner's case 
is that the bevel it too steep near the screen edges. I think the shapeways 
made case/front part has this fixed.

> First the phone with a working kernel, drivers etc. This will give the
> basis for whatever software on top of it.

The 3.2 kernel is perfectly stable and has all features needed for normal 
phone. I have never had any problem with this kernel. Yes, battery life in 
suspend can be better, but let's hope this can be solved.

> Maybe a middle point, because it might be linked to hardware support, is
> a fluid interface. It does not necessarily need to have bells and
> whistle all over the place. If you have a simple clean interface, but
> very fluid, this is very pleasant. My n900 for example, is not quite
> fluid. It is not completely snappy. That makes a huge difference to me,
> regarding user experience.

GTA04 is much much better in this compared to N900. I dont have any recent 
videos to show this, only this old video running 2.6.32 kernel from slow class 
2 SD card:


> Maybe this could be some kind of recommended/official distribution for
> the hardware. Raspberry Pi has a recommended image. But other images
> appeared next to it.

I am daily using debian based QtMoko v44. I think GTA04 telephony on SHR and 
Android are not yet finished, but it should not be hard to do it. I hope there 
will be soon stable SHR and Android images so that you can choose what fits 
you best.



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