Thanks for that link Aida, it looks useful. I going to read up on
JACK. With regards to the Quran project and my own involvement with
it, you can read more online here:

You might find the link at the bottom of that page interesting.

-- Kais

On Tue, Feb 23, 2010 at 3:26 AM, Aida Mustapha <> wrote:
> The website is
> My problem is I don't have any student doing the programming so I had to do
> by my self and that takes time as I have lectures to give out as well as
> other duties. Basically the coding is ready, just to transform using agent
> technology. Other than using JACK, we can also use JADE, which is free. Both
> are using Java language.
> By the way, are you doing this full-time or are you working at the same
> time?
> Aida
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> Subject: Re: Dialog system for the Quran using the Quranic Ontology
> Sounds interesting ... you don't happen to have any web links to JACK
> do you? I'm quite interested in dialog systems.
> -- Kais
> On Mon, Feb 22, 2010 at 4:22 AM, Aida Mustapha <>
> wrote:
>> Thanks for the info. Currently the program is in Java, but we're looking
>> into using agent technology for the dialogue system so it becomes a
>> "conversational agent" as what the terms in the literature. We're in the
>> process of purchasing JACK software.
>> Will get back to you soon.
>> Best rgds,
>> Aida
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>> Subject: Dialog system for the Quran using the Quranic Ontology
>> Salam Aida,
>> I think its very interesting that you are working on a dialog system
>> for the Quran. Its great you are thinking about using the Quranic
>> Ontology for this:
>> A future dialog system is actually one of the motiviations behind the
>> Quranic Ontology. I look forward to seeing how far you get with a
>> keyboard-based approach as a first step. With regards to your question
>> on data for translation, I would suggest taking a look at this
>> website:
>> This website is a good resource for Quranic data, which includes
>> translation and transliteration of the Quran into multiple languages.
>> You can also download the data in multiple formats (plain text, XML,
>> etc.). I hope that helps.
>> It would be good to know what programming language you are using for
>> your dialog system. Maybe Java perhaps? Looking forward to hearing
>> from you.
>> Kind Regards,
>> -- Kais Dukes
>> Language Research Group
>> School of Computing
>> University of Leeds
>> - The Quranic Arabic Corpus
>> - Computational Quranic Arabic discussion list
>>> On Thu, Feb 18, 2010 at 4:22 AM, Aida Mustapha <>
>> wrote:
>>> Salam Kais,
>>> I've finally managed to catch-up with works on the dialogue system.
>>> Basically it has simple parsing and work with flat file for direct
> keyword
>>> matching. I'm planning to use your semantic ontology to map the knowledge
>>> into responses - using tags/keywords. I'm going to need your help on
> that.
>>> But before that takes place, currently I'm preparing the flat file for
>>> Quranic text.
>>> Do you have text file of Qranic translation according to surah? I've
> found
>>> one source at
>>> but I can't verify
>>> the author. Since Quran is a sensitive material, I would rather do myself
>>> but it will take time.
>>> Once this is ready, I'll send the code to you so you can play around with
>>> the dialogue system before we proceed to replace the text file with
>> ontology
>>> map. Hope we can post it on your website to encourage people learning the
>>> Holy Quran.
>>> Regards,
>>> Aida

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