WaitNextEvent() should throw you into the system event loop, you shouldn't have to call SystemTask() or anything else.

I'm sure you know this, but just in case... classic Mac OS applications ran in an environment quite unlike any modern multitasking environment. They were more like UNIX kernel processes, and had to explicitly yield the CPU before any action could be taken on their behalf by the OS. Even in the last versions of Mac OS, multitasking was never an invisible undercurrent of activity that only troubles a process when it cares about real-time events or when it has to coordinate itself with another process.

But WaitNextEvent (the CPU-friendly version of the original GetNextEvent) should do everything you need... so long as you get to it in time.

I don't know what Spin() looks like, but if it's the event handler for your networking code it has to call WaitNextEvent or at least GetNextEvent at least once in every pass through it, and at least once in a while in every long-running loop.

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