>WaitNextEvent() should throw you into the system event loop, you 
>shouldn't have to call SystemTask() or anything else.

I was using SystemTask as more of a waste some time here before getting to
the WaitNextEvent really, I was just hoping it would be process friendly.

>I'm sure you know this, but just in case... classic Mac OS applications 
>ran in an environment quite unlike any modern multitasking environment. 
>They were more like UNIX kernel processes, and had to explicitly yield 
>the CPU before any action could be taken on their behalf by the OS. 
>Even in the last versions of Mac OS, multitasking was never an 
>invisible undercurrent of activity that only troubles a process when it 
>cares about real-time events or when it has to coordinate itself with 
>another process.

I've programmed various machines and OS with differing process capabilities
but I will bear that in mind and it does explain why the system clock can
be frozen quite easily!

>But WaitNextEvent (the CPU-friendly version of the original 
>GetNextEvent) should do everything you need... so long as you get to it 
>in time.
>I don't know what Spin() looks like, but if it's the event handler for 
>your networking code it has to call WaitNextEvent or at least 
>GetNextEvent at least once in every pass through it, and at least once 
>in a while in every long-running loop.

Yes, that is what is does, I have however since the last post traced the
problem to a degree anyway, I put it down to [1] the problem was when I was
running through the debugger, and [2] I have no mac UI of any sort as I am
using Think C's console (so I can printf and see what is going on), this I
believe was not supplying any events so the WaitNextEvent was just sitting

Anyway when my code is run direct it does appear to work, at least to the
degree I have it now, I still need to figure out sending and receiving data
and trying to work out why I can't get the resolver to work :-(

Regards Sean.

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