On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 08:39:20AM +0000, Josef Moudrik wrote:
> There has been some debate in science about making the research more
> reproducible and open. Recently, I have been thinking about making a
> standard public fixed dataset of Go games, mainly to ease comparison of
> different methods, to make results more reproducible and maybe free the
> authors of the burden of composing a dataset. I think that the current
> practice can be improved a lot.

  I think the current de facto standard dataset is GoGoD (some year, not
quite fixed).  So I think it's useful to differentiate your proposal
against this dataset - what are the current problems and what will be
the advantage?

  One advantage would be of course if the dataset is freely available.
But it's not clear how to achieve that, i.e. where to get a large
professional game collection without copyright protection.

> 2a) Size: My current view is that at least 2 sizes are necessary: small
> (1000-2000 games?) and large dataset (50000-60000 games).

  What's the usecase for a small dataset?

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