On Fri, Nov 13, 2015 at 09:46:54AM +0000, Darren Cook wrote:
> (I did wonder about storing player ranks, e.g. if a given position has a
> move chosen by only a single 9p, and you can then extract each follow-up
> position, you could extract a game. But, IMHO, you cannot regenerate any
> particular game collection this way. If it is a concern, it can be
> solved by only using a random 80% of moves from games.)

  Dropping player names and some positions is a nice idea - especially,
from a moral standpoint, if the collection includes a prominent notice
encouraging voluntary donations by the users to the source collection,
e.g. GoGoD.

  (A technical notice: you want info about last + second-to-last move
in the position as that's a feature that's often used in patterns.
Plus, bridging over just a 1-3 moves seems pretty easy to do by brute
force.  A better scheme might be to drop, say, a block of 20 moves
starting at move 40-80 at random.)

  I think a good question is what other uses besides learning move
patterns do people envision.

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        you can do almost anything. -- Geoffrey Hinton
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