I¹m not sure if this will do it, but in my agent¹s RequestInput method
implementation, which expects a dictionary, I had to wrap it in a tuple.
This might be worth a quick try:

GVariant *set_property_with_me =  g_variant_new_tuple(&iResVar, 1);   //
Now returning ({sv})

On 10/12/15, 6:30 AM, "connman on behalf of Francesco Bruno"
<connman-boun...@connman.net on behalf of francobrun...@hotmail.com> wrote:

>Dear All,
>I'm trying to set the Ipv4 configuration using the setProperty in the
>intefarce net.connman.Service.
>The documentation says that the the data passed to the interface must be
>a dict with same values as IPv4 property.
>So I've created a GVariant of type a{sv}  i.e. an array of dict entries
>made of a string and a variance.
>Calling setProperty on  services ( not connected  ) do not change the
>configuration as expected.
>What am I doing wrong? I suspect wrong data definition for the
>Thanks in advance
>Below some code
>       GVariant * iResVar = NULL;
>       GVariant * iVarArr[4];
>       iVarArr[0] = g_variant_new_dict_entry( g_variant_new_string( "Method"
>),     g_variant_new_variant( g_variant_new_string( "manual" ) ) );
>       iVarArr[1] = g_variant_new_dict_entry( g_variant_new_string( "Address ),
>g_variant_new_variant( g_variant_new_string( "" ) ) );
>       iVarArr[2] = g_variant_new_dict_entry( g_variant_new_string( "Netmask"
>), g_variant_new_variant( g_variant_new_string( "" ) ) );
>       iVarArr[3] = g_variant_new_dict_entry( g_variant_new_string( "Gateway"
>), g_variant_new_variant( g_variant_new_string( "" ) ) );
>       iResVar = g_variant_new_variant( g_variant_new_array ( ((const
>GVariantType *) "{sv}"), iVarArr, 4 ) );
>    net_connman_service_call_set_property_sync(
>                       NET_CONNMAN_SERVICE ( pServiceProxy ),
>                       "IPv4.Configuration", iResVal, NULL, &iError );
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