On 04/03/2008, at 10:47 AM, Olivier Lamy wrote:

Agree on this.
Currently there is a blocking issue with xml-rpc CONTINUUM-1590 which
prevent using xml-rpc :-(.

Cool - shall we just start using the 1.2 bucket in JIRA? There are only 14 issues there now so maybe we could keep that to 20-30 issues all together and release it.

I found these changes on trunk that are not on the branch: r617400. (The rest is documentation)

I found these changes on the branch that are not on trunk: r627196, r620613, r620612, r620611

I think we should just merge all those from the branch to trunk, set it as v1.2, and close the branch for now?

If no objections, I will change root pom to not have anymore maven pom
as parent.

Sounds good - do you think we should have a Continuum parent POM like we do for Archiva?


Brett Porter

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