There are some other branches residing in Continuum SVN. Should we remove any (or all) of the following if they are not in active development? I know (id-refactor and key-based-refactor can go)

# continuum-acegi
# continuum-site_1.1
# gbuild
# id-refactor
# key-based-refactor
# osworkflow-integration
# release-integration


Brett Porter wrote:

I'm a bit confused about the current branch scenarios, we have 1.2 on a
branch and 2.0 on trunk. Several changes have been made on each, and
none merged to the other.

Can I suggest we merge all branch changes to trunk, rename trunk to
1.2-SNAPSHOT, and the branch to continuum-1.1.x (1.1.1-SNAPSHOT) and use
that for bugfixes only?


- Brett

Brett Porter

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