--- Comment #57 from Dave Liquorice <> ---
(In reply to Jean-Philippe Pialasse from comment #56)

> The issue with curl is linked to djbdns, you found the bug. 

I'm getting lost in the rather convulted chains of fixes across several bugs
and sme versions. B-)

> Still, i have it working on few servers of mine, but as djbdns is a core
> part we need extensive testing from more user and proper verification done
> by someone else than the one fixing it. 

OK I'll take the plunge. I don't suffer the chained CNAME issue, or at least
all the suggested test lookups in all return an A record, under
djbdns.x86_64 1.05-8.el6.sme and smeserver-letsencrypt.noarch 0.4-2.

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