Since we discussed this in last DDF, bringing up  this thread again ;)
Can we add the code to expose the datastore status via infautils.diagstatus in 
Fluorine, as Daniel was indicating that with the Managed Release Model,
We no longer have a mature vs non-mature project differentiation among all 
“Managed” projects.


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Just commenting on code in a mature project depending on code in non-mature 
project & nothing else:

I don't think it was written in the project lifecycle rules that some code in a 
mature project cannot depend on some code in incubation or a bootstrap project. 
By that logic we would never be able to have the following type of new 
functionality added in ODL:

  *   that some mature offset 1 or 2 projects desire
  *   the new functionality either deserves a new offset 0 project or logically 
needs to go into an existing offset 0 incubation/bootstrap project
Also there is at least one instance in ODL where we have some mature projects 
(NetVirt, VTN, GBP to name a few) depending on non-mature project like OpenFlow 
Plugin (which is in bootstrap state).

On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 12:23 PM, Robert Varga <<>> 
On 23/10/17 21:13, Tom Pantelis wrote:
> On Mon, Oct 23, 2017 at 2:34 PM, Robert Varga <<>
> <<>>> wrote:
>     On 23/10/17 14:37, Tom Pantelis wrote:
>     > Or we get infrautils promoted to "mature" to get around the red tape.
>     > What would that take? ...
>     A Graduation Review. Unfortunately
>     <> disappeared
>     somewhere (Casey, do you know where?), but it includes things like:
>     - clear scope
>     - history of following the mature release cycle
>     etc.
> If it disappeared then how important can it be now :) ...  These rules
> and bureaucracy were put into place a while ago when ODL had a lot more
> participation. Along with Michael, I question whether it's really
> relevant anymore...

It is part of our governance and how OpenDaylight is set up. If things
are not relevant anymore, then our governance needs to change -- and
that is something the Board/TSC have to tackle *first*, we cannot just
start ignoring it.

I do not agree with this particular piece being irrelevant -- it is just
not convenient.

I think everyone knows where I stand on convenience vs. long-term
sustainability :) and that stance is held supported by many scars.


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