Le mer 12/02/2003  23:52, Steve Fox a crit :
> > If 1.2.x is stable, I can't wait to install it, just for the new mail
> > notification. I want it to notify me when I have new mail, but only if
> > it's filtered in my important-inbox folder.
> I've had excellent luck with it. Just make sure you're running an all
> Cooker system, which all good Mandrakesoft'ers do, right? :)

Actually, I have a bastard Sony Vaio laptop, which I use mostly for
checking my mail and presentations, and it runs 9.0. I can't afford to
run Cooker on it, since every change in pcmcia, XFree, sound programs,
etc, is likely to break my config.

Of course, my other systems run purely Cooker =)


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