just pretended to be a "stupid" user looking around the 4.0 image (in live mode 
so far), there's a few things I think we may want to change:
* In the favorites on the left side of the K menu, there's a good chance people 
will have no idea what "Falkon" is - so they may go looking for a browser with 
little success. Maybe we should just change the desktop file to say 
"Name=Falkon Browser" or something similarly obvious? Or maybe patch the 
favorites bar to display the GenericName rather than the Name for the tooltip?
* In the menu, we have Education > Math and Education > Science -- this is 
good, but they both contain the exact same things. That makes it a little 
* Internet in the K menu is rather cluttered with things 99% of people will 
neither use nor understand and stuff most people will use only once. "Contact 
Print Theme Editor", "Contact Theme Editor", "KDE IM Log Viewer", "KMail Header 
Theme Editor", "KTnef", "lftp", "PIM Setting Exporter", "Sieve Editor" should 
probably all move to a submenu (maybe kget as well, given most people will use 
it indirectly?), and maybe KRDC and Krfb need a better description (again 
switch to GenericName?)
* Konverstation is there and kvirc isn't, when most people I've talked to 
prefer kvirc - should we switch?
* Office menu -> similar to Internet, too many not generally useful things like 
"Contact Print THeme Editor", "Contact Theme Editor", "KMail Header Theme 
Editor", "KTnef", "PIM Setting Exporter", "Sieve Editor"
* Settings -> dnfdragora and dnfdragora-updater in Settings? Wouldn't they fit 
better in Utilities?
* Lost & Found -- probably shouldn't be there unless people install stuff with 
bad desktop files -- the USB formatter that's there needs the desktop file fixed

Any thoughts on this? Should I fix them, or do people have objections?


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