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Second would be nice to mention about Falkon in announcement, oma- welcome 
(maybe allow to install Firefox from oma-welcome).

Falkon browser is mentioned in announcement, and ff is in oma-welcome already

Trying to come up with check list of changes since ISO's 2535/2541 for quicker testing and so we can collectively verify all changes happened as desired with no regression. Thus enabling us to get this ding dong release done for the benefit of all mankind.

Partly this is because I've been busy with an urban renewal project for last 3 days and have no doubt missed some things so I'm counting on my highly esteemed colleagues to catch me up. And just possibly such a list will benefit us all.

Here's what I have caught:

1. Check Falkon Home page for beautiful html page instead of ugly ass file page.

2. Checked what Falkon is labeled as in application menu. I think the pooh bahs and supreme leader want to see "Falkon Web Browser" right?

3. Help >>> ON the ISO pages the help pages are empty >>> I think that is intentional or is it? If so is this mentioned in Release Notes?

4. For multi-boot users potential error message about boot flags. Users may not know it but this is probably caused by a misaligned partition or other partition problem. If user chooses to go past this point and install, installation will most likely work but Calamares will have deleted and recreated the /boot/efi partition to get it properly flagged. Again if this isn't in Release Notes I need to get this it there. I believe there is a fix for this on forum that user will need to do before install in order to avoid this.

ben79 should test that fix during testing. Dad gum it.

5. Release Notes: Is the point made that for some printers user will need to install appropriate software before configuring printer. Like for me task-printer-hp. Maybe list the various task-printer-<whatever> available? I'm still not 100% sure what to tell users to expect or do regarding printers I just know it is different from what we have done in the past. (This has nothing to do with good or bad. Instead it goes to giving users accurate information on what to expect.)

6. Look for the various App Launcher changes mentioned in this thread.

7. That can't be everything can it? Really?


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