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> Hi,
> just pretended to be a "stupid" user looking around the 4.0 image (in live 
> mode so far), there's a few things I think we may want to change:
> * In the favorites on the left side of the K menu, there's a good chance 
> people will have no idea what "Falkon" is - so they may go looking for a 
> browser with little success. Maybe we should just change the desktop file to 
> say "Name=Falkon Browser" or something similarly obvious?

Agreed on "Falkon Browser"

> * In the menu, we have Education > Math and Education > Science -- this is 
> good, but they both contain the exact same things. That makes it a little 
> weird...
> * Internet in the K menu is rather cluttered with things 99% of people will 
> neither use nor understand and stuff most people will use only once. "Contact 
> Print Theme Editor", "Contact Theme Editor", "KDE IM Log Viewer", "KMail 
> Header Theme Editor", "KTnef", "lftp", "PIM Setting Exporter", "Sieve Editor" 
> should probably all move to a submenu (maybe kget as well, given most people 
> will use it indirectly?), and maybe KRDC and Krfb need a better description


> (again switch to GenericName?)
> * Konverstation is there and kvirc isn't, when most people I've talked to 
> prefer kvirc - should we switch?

>From a "stupid" user POV, I prefer konversation.
Maybe the most people you talked with prefer kvirc because you are
talking mostly with other developers, who are known to prefer kvirc
afaik :D

> * Office menu -> similar to Internet, too many not generally useful things 
> like "Contact Print THeme Editor", "Contact Theme Editor", "KMail Header 
> Theme Editor", "KTnef", "PIM Setting Exporter", "Sieve Editor"


> * Settings -> dnfdragora and dnfdragora-updater in Settings? Wouldn't they 
> fit better in Utilities?


> * Lost & Found -- probably shouldn't be there unless people install stuff 
> with bad desktop files -- the USB formatter that's there needs the desktop 
> file fixed

Lost and Found does not appear anymore when I locally fix the USB
formatter .desktop file. It's the only one needing fix so far.

> Should we set the mpv menu entry to hidden?

IMO yes.

Best regards,
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