Hello Charles:
Being that the thighs are large, you might grill them on medium for at least 
1-1/2 hours. I grilled chicken in 2014, not long enough, hence, food poisoning, 
and landed in the hospital. It is better to be more on the cautious side, 
rather than undercooking those thighs.
As far as taste, how about a little, and I mean, little garlic powder?
Hope these help, although a little late.
John on Carol's computer.

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I’m not sure what I am going to do with a 5 pound package of chicken thighs 
that have the bones and skin intact.  I do want the bone and skin to remain 
intact.  I’m considering to either bake them in the oven covered with either 
barbecue sauce or with Shake ‘n Bake, but I want to add another taste and 
texture, just for fun.  I’m thinking of rubbing them very heavily with some 
lemon pepper seasoning and then grilling them on a George Formann grill before 
sticking them into the preheated oven.  These are very large thighs.  In the 5 
pound package, I think there might be 10 of them.  The grill has a temperature 
knob with no tactual temperature indications such as a click or detent that can 
be felt, although I do have a stick-on dot to locate settings of “low” and 
“medium”.  Of course, “off” is all the way counter clockwise and “high” is all 
the way clockwise.  The question is this:  I will be grilling them in batches.  
How long and at what temperature setting?  After all thighs have been grilled 
and cooled, the Shake ‘n Bake or barbecue sauce will be added, then the final 
cooking will be done.  The purposes that I want to do this are to give a 
different taste and to hopefully eliminate some of the greasiness.  Main reason 
is the taste experiment, though.  This should result in a feast during 
donight’s Presidential debate!!  Any thoughts are appreciated.

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