Hi Alexander, 

This was a closed meeting for law enforcement officials, arranged through the 
Ministry of Telecom and Mass Communications of the Russian Federation, who made 
the outreach to appropriate agencies. The participants were not required to 
share their name or affiliation in a way that would be publicly available, and 
the RIPE NCC could not be publish that information without those participants’ 
prior permission. 

As I noted in the earlier email, we are happy to share the agenda and all 
presentations delivered by the RIPE NCC at this event. This comprehensively 
covers the content and message delivered by the RIPE NCC staff during the 
discussion. I’d also direct anyone with an interest in this engagement to an 
article that we published on RIPE Labs last August that went more deeply into 
the reasons and strategy behind the RIPE NCC’s LEA engagement: 

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> On 16 Feb 2018, at 20:55, Alexander Isavnin <isav...@gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear Chris!
> Could we ask for participants list from Russian LEAs?
> We have right to know, who will never ask about owner of "" 
> address since this meeting in Russia. :)
> Due to Russian police regulations, police officers (or any other equvalent 
> investigating LEA officer) could not stay anonymous, so don't shy to reveal 
> their names.
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> Alexander Isavnin
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