Seems i'v mistaken, and Openness and Transparency are no longer essencial 
values for RIPE NCC.

No gap could be briged if LEAs stays anonymous. 
Breaking openness and transparency for comfort of some doubtful officers - is 
really bad idea.

Why i ask for LEA deanonymisation? 
Read ECHR cases against Russia on tortures (and other abuses) by all kind of 
LEAs. It would be really pity, if later appears, that RIPE NCC have met some of 
such abusers.


P.S. As we say in Internet: "pics, or never happened"
P.P.S. Also, "Once cop always cop", even if it tries to infiltrate into 
engeneering world. As we seen, successfully protecting interests of cops, 
rather than interests of Community.

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