We are pleased to announce the release of Coot 0.8. New binaries should be on their way shortly:


  o FEATURE: Added an interface for Cootilus

  o FEATURE: Pubchem support for drag and drop

  o FEATURE: Added glyo and ProSMART modules

  o FEATURE: Auto-open MTZ files with x.F_phi.F & x.F_phi.phi for any
    value of x.

  o FEATURE: When input map seems to be from EM, ignore modal density
    values for statistics calculation

  o FEATURE: labels and on-screen text can now be rendered with stroke
    characters instead of bitmaps
    (set-use-stroke-characters 1)

  o FEATURE: Enable the running of python commands from the command line

  o FEATURE: Install appdata for GNOME Software Center [Richard Hughes]

  o FEATURE: New program compare-dictionaries added

  o FEATURE: New program make-shelx-restraints added

  o FEATURE: pdb validation data parser and gui attached to Fetch
    accession code.

  o FEATURE: Added match-residue-and-dictionary() function for atom
    name matching of similar monomers

  o FEATURE: Added function to move a reference chain to a
    symmetry-related position

  o FEATURE: Add parallel nucleotide plane restraints

  o CHANGE: Bond colours against a white background have been improved

  o CHANGE: Main gui icons are now pngs

  o CHANGE: Pyrogen bundled in enhanced-ligand version

  o CHANGE: Deuteriums are pink

  o CHANGE: Extra restraints added to Raster3D input

  o CHANGE: Geman-McClure M-estimator used for extra distance restraints

  o BUG-FIX: CA-mode now works for MSEs

  o BUG-FIX: Mo bonding improved

  o BUG-FIX: Unbonded CA now have stars in CA mode

  o BUG-FIX: Better output of ligand fitting solutions [Andre White]

  o BUG-FIX: Adjust hydrogens also on nomenclature correction

  o BUG-FIX: Multi-solution ligand fitting fixed

  o BUG-FIX: Wedge bonds can now be converted to single bonds in LBG

  o BUG-FIX: Mol2 file atoms names are now preserved [Markus Rudolf]

  o BUG-FIX: B-factor colouring now fixed [Oliver Smart]

  o BUG-FIX: HOLE implementation handles large radii better

  o BUG-FIX: Improved SHELX .ins parsing [Dale Tronrud]

  o BUG-FIX: mmCIF output atom name quoting fix

  o BUG-FIX: atom quad type check test fix [David Binderman]

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