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Would something like this help you from maintaining a custom build?




On Fri, Sep 16, 2016 at 3:34 PM Jared White <jaredkeithwh...@gmail.com>

> Apologies to all for being a newb at this.  This is continued work along
> the lines of including my own packages (a couple of kernel modules) within
> an internal distribution of CoreOS.
> The third party module that I would like to add requires kernel sources.
> I can't seem to find those contained within the chroot when I drop into
> cros_sdk.
>     *Question 1*:  Does anyone know where these kernel sources are?
> Surely they are accessible somehow?
> Additionally, I'm completely new to ebuild and am trying to add my package
> to be built when I run build_packages.  I have added my package ("foo/bar")
> to the RDEPEND list inside of
> third_party/coreos-overlay/coreos-base/coreos/coreos-0.0.1.ebuild
>     *Question 2*:  is this the correct location to specify this
> dependency so that it gets built when I invoke build_packages?
> I have done the following:
>     1) added my package ("foo/bar") under ~/trunk/src/third_party/foo/bar
>     2) added a "bar.ebuild" file under this folder.  All this does at the
> moment is some boilerplate ebuild declarations and echo things to the
> console.
>     3) For good measure, I re-ran "./setup_board --default
> --board=amd64-usr --force" as well.
> What occurs when I invoke build_packages follows:
> emerge: there are no ebuilds to satisfy "foo/bar" for /build/amd64-usr/.
> (dependency required by "coreos-base/coreos-0.0.1-r269::coreos"
> [installed])
> (dependency required by "coreos-devel/board-packages-0.0.1-r5::coreos"
> [installed])
> (dependency required by "coreos-devel/board-packages" [argument])
>     *Question 3*:  What am I missing here?  Do I have to register my
> ebuild elsewhere?
> Thanks in advance.

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