Hi Russell,

It's Patk. And it's short for Patrick Kelly.  Can't work out the other name,
it looks like it starts with another P, which would make it James Poll, but
I have never heard of a surname like Poll.  

I'm sure somebody else will know.


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Can anyone interrupt
 I can work out
servant and
Morton Stewart
Co Tyrone Ireland
Mr James ???
Morton Stewart
Co Tyrone Ireland

Can anyone help interrupt the location I gather it is This is attached to a
document for sponsor ship by George Ward  for John Wasson and Sarah Name
John Wason (Wasson) Age 23  Birth Year 1835  Place of Origin Tyrone, Ireland
Sponsor Name George Ward Deposit Date 9 Mar 1858  Household Members Name
John Wason Sarah Wason 

This is the document of where they work I gather 

Thanks for any help
Regards Russell Hill

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