Hi David,

I am currently researching the Irwins of Claremore, Parish of Clogher,
County Tyrone, who also emigrated to Ontario.  But since they came from
Clogher, that means they are NOT your Irwins.  Except for the fact that we
are not 100% sure our Irwins did come from Clogher and you do not seem too
sure that yours came from Ardboe (Arboe?) because Ardboe is not the same
place as Castlederg and if they came from one, it is highly unlikely they
also came from the other.  (I live in this part of the world and my Grays
are NOT related to the all the other Grays in County Tyrone!)  I should
also add that I have never heard of Benbeg and it is not in this list of
townlands for County Tyrone:

So, the point of my response to you, David, is that you really need to work
on the following points in order to make progress with your research:

1.  You need something, anything, from their lives in Canada, to give you a
place name to work with in your research.  Why Ardboe?  Why Castlederg?  It
is really unlikely to be both.  What evidence do you have from Canada, or
England, not just the discovery of similar names in Ireland?  Canadian
deaths, and especially Ontario deaths, often give the place where people
were born and also, perhaps even more helpfully, the names of both parents
including the mother's maiden name.  English 19th century censuses may also
be more helpful.

2.  If the older William was born between 1820 and 1830, it is likely he
married after 1845 and that is when Protestant marriages were first
recorded by the civil authorities here in Ireland and those records are
online.  So, you need to know the name of his wife and look for that
marriage.  It is unlikely the younger William and his brother Robert were
born before 1864, so you will not find their civil births because they only
started being recorded in 1864.  That is a task for church records and they
are NOT online so cannot be researched at the click of a mouse.
Incidentally, I am assuming they were Protestant (Church of Ireland,
Presbyterian or Methodist typically).  That is because most Irwins were
Catholic but not all.  So, you need to establish that first.  Catholic
church records ARE online.

If you can answer these questions, then get back to us and I am sure people
will be able to help.

You might also consider checking with this group to see if they know of any
Ardboes or Benbegs near Castlederg:
(Actually, I did it for you so you can go there and see what they say.)






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> Please can you post the following on the Co Tyrone message board?
> I am researching William IRWIN, b1820-30ish near Ardboe in Co Tyrone. My
> understanding is that he had two sons, William and Robert who both
> emigrated to England in the late 1800s. However I think William (the
> father) emigrated to Huron County, Ontario Canada and died there in 1889.
> The family may also have spent the early part of their time in Northern
> Ireland in the Castlederg or Benbeg areas. I would be delighted to hear
> from anyone who can add to the story please, particularly as my father
> William (yes another one!) and a direct descendant has recently passed
> away. Thank you
> Many thanks
> David
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