Dear Pavlos,

I don't think this is a good solution. Every statement in a knowledge base is an information object. That does not say however, what it refers to in the universe of discourse (or real world). The identity of the information object is the RDF file. The identity of Michelangelo, as stated in the file, means Michelangelo the person and not the URI as a string in that file. Isn't it?

This is still an issue to resolve: In CRMinf, a Proposition Set is regarded as Information Object, but this is not what we actually mean, we mean the "meaning" of that Information Object, i.e., its truth or not. As such, CRMinf is inconsistent. This is, I think, Issue 614.



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Dear George,

An instance of a property class represents a statement / formal proposition. Could we thus say that it is also an  E73 Information Object? Would multiple instantiation provide a solution to the problem you describe? E.g.:

     crm:P14_carried_out_by :Michelangelo .
   a crm:PC14_carried_out_by, *crm:E73_Information_Object* ;
   crm:P01_has_domain :painting_sistine_chapel ;
   crm:P02_has_range :Michelangelo  ;
   crm:P14.1_in_the_role_of  :master_craftsman .
   a crm:E13_Attribute_Assignment ;
   crm:P140_assigned_attribute_to *:statement1*
   ... ... ...

Have a good weekend!


On Wed, Mar 29, 2023 at 4:36 PM George Bruseker via Crm-sig <> wrote:

    Dear all,

    When using the PC classes modelling structure we end up with a
    class node for a property which we can then modify with things
    like 'kinds' and 'modes' etc.

    Since such a statement has meaning and comes from somewhere [e.g.:
    that someone did something in some capacity (PC14 carried out by
    ... P02 has range E39 + P14.1 in the role of E55)] one sometimes
    needs to provenance this statement with an E13 attribute
    assignment. Ie we want to ground who made this claim.

    In theory this would be done with E13 pointing to the node in the
    typical fashion (p141, P140). However, the
    class PC0_Typed_CRM_Property is not declared as a subtype of E1
    CRM Entity in the PC extension file. As a result we cannot do this.

    I would argue PC0_Typed_CRM_Property should be declared a subclass
    of E1_CRM_Entity.  Then it would be consistent with the rest of
    the modelling.



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