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Crossfire Client 1.72.0 is available for download on SourceForge:


Be sure to try out the improved sounds, available for download in a
separate tarball.


- Display numerical stats on HP, mana, grace, and experience bars
- Fade music in and out
- Highlight applied items in the inventory icon view
- Speed up Pixmap rendering using Cairo
- Update metaservers


- Clean up command-line arguments
- Enable smoothing by default
- Move music directory to *share/crossfire-client/sounds/music/*
- Reduce default logging verbosity. Run with '-v 0' to show all messages.
- Replace autoconf/automake build system with CMake
- Save client settings in .ini format
- Set default layout to *gtk-v2*
- Update UI dialogs
- Update sound effects
- Use XDG-compliant directories for configuration and cache files. Users
who wish to keep their configuration files need to manually move them to
the new location. For Unix-like systems, the new location is


- Remove old metaserver (metaserver1) support


- Fix potential socket buffer overflows
- Fix various protocol-related bugs
- Hide character selection window reliably after logging in
- Update build for Windows


Kevin Zheng
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