On 08/14/2017 06:09 PM, Matthew Giassa wrote:
> If you have strong opinions you should have voiced them in May 2014 when
> CMake supported landed.

It was clandestiningly been used before that, FWIW, and the autoconf
config had been broken for quite a while.  It so happened that in 2014 I
was a little busy working on my artificial intelligence project and
helping out with my grandchildren in Israel so I guess I missed the
memo.  Clearly it didn't land at that time.

At one time it would only compile with imake.  Its been a long time
since ./config make make install worked cleanly.

In the end, it only matters what the person doing the coding wants, but
I would just point out that the autoconf has been dysfunctional for a
long time and code base has been moved about different config systems a
number of times and yes it does matter to me what license the build
system is under.  I would prefer strongly that the whole thing was
locked up air tight in GPL3

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