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On 08/14/2017 08:16, Matthew Giassa wrote:
> ‎Seconded. Why overhaul the build tool chain in use? What gain is there?

The original reasons were better support for parallel builds, out of
source builds, and Windows builds. Yes, Autotools technically supports
all of these features. But the CMake build files are a lot shorter than
the Autotools ones.

At one point we had both build systems co-existing, but Autotools
started lagging and breaking. Since nobody was willing to maintain it it
got axed. We're happy to resurrect it if you step up as maintainer.

If you have strong opinions you should have voiced them in May 2014 when
CMake supported landed.

If you don't even play I don't see how this impacts you. If you play,
but use a package from your OS, I don't see how this impacts you. If you
really want to use autotools you can keep using an older version of the
client, so I don't see how this impacts you.


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