Hi Folks!

I'm failing to get chromium command line switches to work with
crosswalk-21.51.546.6. I'm using the embedded style, testing with the
default android project generated from the crosswalk-app
(crosswalk-app-tools on npm).

Is there a way to have xwalk or chromium log the command line switcches it
is using when it launches?  I tested the command line switches on the
desktop version of Chrome 53 and 51 and they work as expected.  Is there a
recommended way to test/debug this?  Like a command line switch that is
definitely supported in the latest xwalk release and makes it very evident
that it was passed in?

I also tried the more conventional routes using the manifest.json property
"xwalk_command_line" and the "xwalk-command-line" file in the assets
folder.  They all failed for me.

Here is the main Activity class:

And the relevant snippet:

  static final String INIT_SWITCHES[] = { "Xwalk", "--user-agent=anonymous"
  //static final String INIT_SWITCHES[] = { "Xwalk", "--unlimited-storage"
  public void onCreate(Bundle savedInstanceState) {
    XWalkPreferences.setValue(XWalkPreferences.REMOTE_DEBUGGING, true);
    if (!CommandLine.isInitialized()) {
      Log.w(TAG, "Woot! Using command line switches!");
    } else {
      Log.w(TAG, "Not using command line switches.");

Any tips you can provide in solving or helping to debug this would be
greatly appreciated!

Thanks for a great project!

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