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On Mon, Oct 17, 2016 at 5:35 AM, Raphael Kubo da Costa
<> wrote:
> Milan Andric <> writes:
>> Hi Folks!
>> I'm failing to get chromium command line switches to work with
>> crosswalk-21.51.546.6. I'm using the embedded style, testing with the
>> default android project generated from the crosswalk-app
>> (crosswalk-app-tools on npm).
>> Is there a way to have xwalk or chromium log the command line switcches it
>> is using when it launches?  I tested the command line switches on the
>> desktop version of Chrome 53 and 51 and they work as expected.  Is there a
>> recommended way to test/debug this?  Like a command line switch that is
>> definitely supported in the latest xwalk release and makes it very evident
>> that it was passed in?
>> I also tried the more conventional routes using the manifest.json property
>> "xwalk_command_line" and the "xwalk-command-line" file in the assets
>> folder.  They all failed for me.
>> Here is the main Activity class:
> Hi,
> The recommended way to pass additional flags to Crosswalk or Chromium is
> indeed xwalk_command_line or xwalk-command-line.
> In this case, I think you're having problems because both --user-agent
> and --unlimited-storage are Chrome-the-browser flags. Technically
> speaking, they are defined and interpreted in src/chrome/, which means
> they won't really have an effect in Crosswalk.
> In your snippet you mention you want to get --unlimited-storage to work;
> can you elaborate on the reason? Perhaps we can find another way to
> achieve the same result.

Hi Raphael,

The reason for trying --unlimited-storage is so our app does not
run out of storage space on the android device.  We use the browser's
LocalStorage and hit limitations in our current app that uses the native
Android WebView so we are trying to bundle chrome in a way that it does not
have the same storage limitations, so it can use all the storage available on
the device.

We have projects where we deploy these devices in rural health care
environments.  The device's primary function is to run the application we
deploy and the browser's storage limitations leave most of the device's
resources unused.  This --unlimited-storage flag works on the desktop and
seemed to be the easiest way to provide the additional storage resources.

If Crosswalk does not support the --unlimited-storage flag I will probably
look at patching the Chrome source code.

Thanks for your response,

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