At 01:22 PM 5/29/03 -0400, Ian Grigg wrote:
>The following appears to be a bone fide case of a
>threat model in action against the PGP program.
>Leaving aside commentary on the pros and cons
>within this example, there is a desparate lack of
>real experience in how crypto systems are attacked.

There's also the possibility of disinfo.  For instance,
we all know that more competent agencies than the FBI
were involved.  

The real test of TLA abilities will be to see how many 
Red Brigaders are captured in coming months.  Assuming
that those captures are reported --which they might not,
to conceal TLA abilities.  (Remember Coventry?)

On the other hand, continued R.B. activities would be 
evidence that their hardware, software, and opsec were strong.

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