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Subject: "PGP Encryption Proves Powerful"

> http://www.pcworld.com/news/article/0,aid,110841,00.asp

The article appears to use PGP simply as the most prominent example, and is
clearly undereducated in the realities of cryptography. It not only says
that there is little chance that it is actually PGP in use, but goes on to
indicate that hackers are a magic bullet. As far as real reporting goes
here, this is laughable. The article is titled "PGP Encryption Proves
Powerful" then says that there's little likelihood that PGP was used. It
flatly says that there are no backdoors, and that it would take millions of
years to break, then hints that hiring hackers to break it would work. While
the sentences individually make sense, the whole is somewhat lacking in
anything resembling English.

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