John Kelsey wrote:
> At 01:22 PM 5/29/03 -0400, Ian Grigg wrote:
>> The following appears to be a bone fide case of a
>> threat model in action against the PGP program.
> ...
> Two comments:
> a.  It sure seems like it would be a pain to enter a long passphrase on
> one of these things, so that seems like the most plausible attack.  But
> I agree that it would be nice to know more about actual fielded
> attacks.  (The problem is that if you're actually using them to gather
> information, you won't want to disclose your methods.)

Errr... it was a Psion, and they have keyboards.




"There is no limit to what a man can do or how far he can go if he
doesn't mind who gets the credit." - Robert Woodruff

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