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Writing in support of CALEA capability to assist prosecuting botnet
operators etc ...

> Generally any standard encrypted protocols will probably eventually have
> to support some sort of CALEA capability.

So you havn't heard that the UK has closed down the "National High-Tech Crime 
and the current way to report computer crime is at your police station (good 
with that).  And there's not much sign of anyone else doing much better.
Here's some recent news:

Leaving aside the points others have made about how you can't expect the
cooperation of the crooks you are supposedly aiming for what staggers me
is that after 9 years on this list you still think the government -
any government - is looking out for your interests.

Also why is this thread called "Death of antivirus"?  What examples can
anyone give me in corporate or mass-market IT of people stopping doing
something merely because it didn't work?

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