Ben Laurie wrote:
> Then we get to the next problem: we don't trust the
> device with the keypad and display. So, we need to add
> that to the GTCYM (Gadget That Controls Your Money).
> And so we end up at the position that we have ended up
> at so many times before: the GTCYM has to have a
> decent processor, a keyboard and a screen, and must be
> portable and secure.

Sounds remarkably like a cell phone with an NFC

> One day we'll stop concluding this and actually do
> something about it.

Some of the poorest third world countries and some ex
communist countries are adopting mobile phone banking,
for example <>, perhaps because
they are not weighed down with twentieth century
infrastructure, but until cell phones come routinely
equipped with NFC, you cannot use a cell phone to pay
for groceries.

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