Ben Laurie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

>And so we end up at the position that we have ended up at so many times
>before: the GTCYM has to have a decent processor, a keyboard and a screen,
>and must be portable and secure.
>One day we'll stop concluding this and actually do something about it.

Actually there are already companies doing something like this, but they've
run into a problem that no-one has ever considered so far: The GTCYM needs a
(relatively) high-bandwidth connection to a remote server, and there's no easy
way to do this.

(Hint: You can't use anything involving USB because many corporates lock down
USB ports to prevent data leaking onto other corporates' networks, or
conversely to prevent other corporates' data leaking onto their networks. Same
for Ethernet, Firewire, ...).


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