On Tue, Apr 01, 2008 at 12:47:45AM +1300, Peter Gutmann wrote:
> Ben Laurie <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:
> >And so we end up at the position that we have ended up at so many times
> >before: the GTCYM has to have a decent processor, a keyboard and a screen,
> >and must be portable and secure.
> >
> >One day we'll stop concluding this and actually do something about it.
> Actually there are already companies doing something like this, but they've
> run into a problem that no-one has ever considered so far: The GTCYM needs a
> (relatively) high-bandwidth connection to a remote server, and there's no easy
> way to do this.

Cell phones have that.

The bigger problem is pairing with the local POS (or whatever), which is
where NFC comes in -- the "obvious" thing to do here is to make this
pairing not-really-wireless (e.g., the cell phone could scan a barcode
from the POS, or the POS could scan a barcode displayed by the cell
phone, or both, or any number of variants of this).

> (Hint: You can't use anything involving USB because many corporates lock down
> USB ports to prevent data leaking onto other corporates' networks, or
> conversely to prevent other corporates' data leaking onto their networks. Same
> for Ethernet, Firewire, ...).

Right, it's got to be wireless :)


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