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> > I really like RPis as a cryptographic tool. The only thing that
> > would make them better is a second Ethernet interface so they could
> > be used as a firewall type device.
> You can of course use a USB ethernet with them, but to me, they're
> more a proof of what you can do with a very small bill of materials.
> If you're designing your own, adding another ethernet (and getting
> rid of unneeded things like the video adapter) is easy.
> Custom built hardware will probably be the smartest way to go for an
> entrepreneur trying to sell these in bulk to people as home gateways
> anyway -- you want the nice injection molded case, blinkylights and
> package as well. :)

I don't think the video adds much to the cost.

I do have a USB ethernet adapter... but that cost me as much as the Pi.

Problem with all these things is that the Pi is cheap because they have the
volume. Change the spec and the price shoots up :(

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