I have recently converted my small laptop (11.6" Stonebook mini, re-badged
Clevo W515LU) from Fedora 25 (no longer supported) to Fedora 27.

There are problems with laptop keyboard handling, which began to appear
(for me) after kernel 4.8.6-300 in F25, and additional problems concerned
with tools and services required for user interaction in F27.

The keyboard problems have nothing to do with ctwm (e.g. booting to level 3
in F27 with kernel 4.14.18-300 laptop keyboard and touchpad are ignored,
but cease to be ignored after suspend/resume by shutting lid for a while
then opening).

But when I switch to graphic mode (using startx, and stuff in ~/.xinitrc)
some significant old functionality is lost and I can't find replacements.
E.g. previously I could invoke the network selection panel using this in a
ctwm menu
    "/usr/bin/gnome-control-center network &"

but I have not been able to find anything equivalen relating to wayland,
gnome's successor (with no successful way back that I've found).

I have also found nothing equivalent to
    "/usr/bin/control-center sound &"

which provided various level controls and a convenient test for left and
right speakers.

I can invoke pavucontrol, alsamixergui, and various other things from ctwm
menus in F25, which fail in F27, either by doing nothing visible, or
producing something unusable on the screen.

Has any other ctwm user encountered any of these problems and found

I have not found any documentation with a table of OLD-NEW equivalences,
which any responsible development manager should provide when a major
switch occurs.

Perhaps I just haven't given the right search keys. (I use fedora XFCE
because it starts off light, and then add what I need).

Is anyone else on this list running wayland with ctwm on F27, or other
wayland-based system. I wonder if I am the only ctwm user facing apparently
insuperable difficulties.

I have wasted several days fighting this with limited success.



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