I've given up hope of getting fedora or centos to work for me after loss of zoom
and ctwm functionality. So I've followed up a tip to try lt-ubuntu and now have
it working but with a user interface that I find extremely difficult to
navigate, so I've managed to install ctwm and will try using it to resore as
much as possible of the old functionality I had when everything worked on fedora

I'll then try to get poplog and its editor working, which will require
additional libraries but ctwm should make that easier than the default ubuntu
interface, which I really dislike.

If anyone on this list has any suggestions or warnings I am ready to learn.

Is anyone else using ctwm on ubuntu? Tthere was a ctwm package in the ubuntu
package library, so I assume there are users.

I also need to find out how to swap Caps Lock with CTRL and ESC with ` key
on this system.

Since the reconfiguration I have not yet found my old fedora setup libraries,
but I presume I'll to do make changes for Ubuntu.

Thanks in anticipation!

Fedora must be losing a lot of users, given the number of online complaints and
queries about audio no longer working.


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