Thanks Mark,

> I didn't want to push things even further off topic but, for what it's
> worth, I am using Zoom just fine on Linux right now, without pulseaudio
> running.

You don't say which version of linux -- there are many, and none that I tried
worked, until I switched to ubuntu. And audio is now working fine with pulse!

Since I last communicated with this list I've made a lot of progress, including
fixing the broken bios on my PC, which I don't think I mentioned on this list --
though the fix won't be fully tested till I next reboot!

The main advance has been giving up on Fedora and various other things I had
tried and instead installing Ubuntu-Lt, as advised by an old friend in the USA.

Immediately after I installed it, it offered to update itself, which I accepted
and after updating and installing a load of new packages, some done
automatically and some requested on the advice of my colleague, as I found the
need while trying to set up the machine, I now have this version of Ubuntu
"22.04.1 LTS (Jammy Jellyfish)", though not yet running ctwm, alas.

A great deal is now working fine (I am logged through from its screen to read
and send mail on my university machine, instead of having to sit at my old PC,
though I still have to use the old PC for the network connection as I've not yet
set full networking capabilities in the Ubuntu system (including updating

I now have to connect to the old PC by typing in the local address by hand!

The user interface is horrible compared to what I am used to on ctwm (with fast
switching between 12 [4x3] virtual desktops), but I've installed the default
ctwm library for Ubuntu and will try it after I've got several other things
working, including producing some urgently required stuff.

(I need to get poplog working as I use its highly programmable editor (ved) for
all my work. I am using ved remotely on a cs.bham departmental machine to type
this message, in an ubuntu window, but I cant yet send or read email on my
reconstituted home PC. I can also use Ved in an xterm window logged into my old
PC at home!)

Anyhow, thanks for your suggestion, but my current alternative is making good

Best wishes,


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