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> On January 24, 2023 at 3:13:23 pm +01:00, a.slo...@bham.ac.uk wrote:
> > Is anyone else using ctwm on ubuntu? Tthere was a ctwm package in the ubuntu
> > package library, so I assume there are users.
> Check the version, I think it is some 20 years old...

Yes, I'm using CTWM on Ubuntu and the version in their repo is indeed old.
I've compiled it from source, which works swell. However, there are some
incantations involved in getting it to show up in the list of WM:s in the 

An easy solution might be to simply install the version from Ubuntu's repo
and then replace their binary with a freshly compiled one. I think the risk of 
getting overwritten by an update from their repo is slim to none :)

Carl Svensson

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